Turtle Tales: Finding Your Forever Home

“I was the first person in my family to go Greek, and they all kept warning me about the same stereotypes to look out for; that the moment I felt left out, I should just drop the process and find friends elsewhere. When I finally arrived at USC, these thoughts were all I had in my brain and I worried that since I’m not what I thought was a “typical sorority girl”, not many chapters would want me. When I arrived at my very first house on the very first day of recruitment, I was almost shaking, and the loud chants of hundreds of girls didn’t help either. I took a deep breath, smiled confidently, and told myself what everyone would say to me for the next week straight: trust the process. So I did, and was escorted into the air conditioning with a friendly face asking me about my life. This house didn’t end up being my forever-home, I only remember this girl’s first name and hometown, but those 10 minutes of talking assured me that somewhere in this neighborhood of 13 sororities, there was definitely one for me. The rest of recruitment went by in a whirlwind of sweat, stress, and lots of late night conversations with my roommate, who was also going through the process (love you B!). I cried and laughed through preference round until it finally came: Bid Day. I woke up with my mind racing, excited but nervous that I wouldn’t get my first choice. I waited in the long line of Pi Chi groups to enter the arena and stood in a circle with my back to the center, awaiting to see which house I would become a sister to. There’s now a shaky, bad quality video of me counting down, unraveling my new t-shirt, and screaming “I’M A DELTA ZETA!!!!” I turned around to see my closest friend in my Pi Chi group, Taylor Gardener, holding the same shirt. We grabbed hands and ran home together, and that was just the beginning of what’s been an amazing and crazy year filled with more love than I ever could have expected. I love every one of my sisters, and I can’t wait to meet out new nugs in the fall!”


Jane Vista