Dance Marathon 2015


Dance Marathon is a nationally recognized philanthropy event where students come together regardless of their organization or background and dance together to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Here in Columbia, SC, we are lucky enough to have the Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital serving as a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital right down the road! This means that all of the money raised is able to benefit a hospital so close to home.

As a junior at the University of South Carolina, I have danced on Delta Zeta’s DM team with my sistersDM_Gamecocks for the past two years, and together, we have raised thousands of dollars for the children of Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital. This year alone, 46 Delta Zeta sisters participate and raised $9,107.20! This year I was a morale leader for the event, and as such, I danced on the One Team One Dream team with all the other morale leaders and the Dance Marathon Executive Board. This meant that I went to weekly meetings leading up to the main event and learned the line dance so that I could help teach it to the 900+ participants signed up (a new record!). It meant the world to have the support of my sisters and Delta Zeta throughout the 14-hour event, especially when it came down to the last few hours.

Dance Marathon’s slogan this year was “Half a Million, Half the Time” and by hour 12, we were cutting it really close to our $500,000 goal! In our last big fundraising push, it was highly encouraged for participants to reach out to any last contacts for even a small donation. Even though it came down to the wire, USCDM was able to surpass the $500,000 goal and raise a total of $501,528, all for the kids! Seeing all my sisters smiling and energetic throughout the event made me proud to be a Delta Zeta and proud to know they were dancing FTK.

 DZ(and DM)LAM, Holly Ingram





Turtle Tug 2015


Beta Delta’s Spring philanthropy, Turtle Tug, took place March 22nd and gathered 68 teams from across different organizations, businesses, and the community to compete against one another over a giant pool of Jell-O. As the three brackets (co-ed, all-female, and all-male) competed in tug-of-war, sisters and onlookers cheered.

One of our most successful philanthropy events, Turtle Tug collects donations to provide support to our local and national philanthropies, including the Delta Zeta Foundation, Starkey Hearing Foundation, SC Beginnings, Brennen Elementary, Camp Wonderhands, and Northlake Sertoma Club. This year, Beta Delta raised $35,000 in support of these organizations!TT_Jello

We’d like to extend congratulations to each of the winning teams: Phi Mu (all-female bracket), 1,500 Pound Oreo (all-male bracket), and for the second year running – the Village Idiots (co-ed bracket)!

Sister Ellie Hanzsche, Philanthropy Co-chair, commented, “I really enjoyed organizing Turtle Tug this year because I know how much people love coming to this event and every year it becomes more and more popular. It was so rewarding to see all the teams having a blast at Turtle Tug despite the rainy weather. I also loved getting to work with my co-chair, Madison Kraft, and all the other sisters of Delta Zeta to make this event such a success. I was so humbled by the support Madison and I received from our sisters to help put this event together!”

TT_EHMK“It was a really rewarding experience to be a Turtle Tug chair this year. I’m so thankful for all of my sisters’ help and support along the way. The enthusiasm of all of the participants really made the event all the more exciting for me. I’m so humbled by the amount of money that we were able to raise for such an amazing cause and I look forward to raising even more for our Fall philanthropy event,” said sister Madison Kraft, Philanthropy Co-Chair.


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Turtle Tug 2015 is Coming!


Delta Zeta’s Turtle Tug 2015 is just around the corner! On Sunday March 22, 2015 Turtle Tug will kick off behind the Delta Zeta house on the Strom fields. Teams of eight will compete in a not-so-average game of tug of war over a pool of Jell-O!

The competition has three brackets: all-female, all-male, and co-ed teams. Each bracket runs simultaneously and though the competition may be steep, the winners are rewarded with surprise gifts and the losers… they receive the chance to take a nice dip into our pool of Jell-O!

Profile PictureOur sisters are working hard to surpass our 2014 numbers: over 65 teams and $31,000! Turtle Tug brings together both USC students and the surrounding community to support our philanthropies of that benefit speech and hearing.

Proceeds will benefit both our local and national philanthropies, including Starkey Hearing Foundation, The Painted Turtle Camp, Brennen Elementary, and Northern Lakes Camp Sertoma Club. Turtle Tug is a great way for the community to get involved and contribute to our cause!

Anyone wishing to get involved and sign up a team should contact our Turtle Tug Philanthropy Chairs, Madison Kraft and Ellie Hanzsche at



Sweet Caroline 2015

SC_bannerOn February 17th, 2015 the sisters of Delta Zeta successfully held our 11th annual Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow and Blood Drive! With the help from Be The Match National Bone Marrow Registry, Blood Connection, and the American Red Cross, the drive added 415 potential donors to the National Bone Marrow registry and donated over 200 pints of blood. Beta Delta sisters also raised additional donations to help defer the cost of adding potential donors to the registry.

The Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow Drive is held each year in memory of our Beta Delta sister Caroline Terry who passed away in 2005 after being diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) in 2004. Each year, Caroline’s family and friends continue to attend and show their support of the drive and to honor their loved ones.

Throughout thIMG_7008e day, students, faculty, and community members were invited to come to the Russell House Ballroom or to visit one of the many American Red Cross and Blood Connection blood mobiles around campus to sign up for the bone marrow registry and donate blood. After registering, potential donors were given the opportunity to add a purple ribbon to a banner signifying their addition to the registry. At the end of the event, over 400 ribbons showcased the incredible significance of the Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow Drive!

Thank you to our two Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow Drive co-chairs, Devin Sullivan and Chelsea McKinney, for giving so graciously of their time and effort to put on such a successful and important event! Also, a big THANK YOU to all those that came out to join the registry and donate blood. Taking the time out of your day to come and support this event can mean a lifetime to those in need. We hope to see everyone at Sweet Caroline 2016!




Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow Drive 2015 Is Almost Here!

Did you know that every four minutes, someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer like leukemia? Join Delta Zeta on February 17, 2015 at the Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow and Blood Drive to add your name to the registry and maybe one day help save a life.

Caroline_BDThe Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow and Blood Drive is held annually in memory of sister Caroline Terry, Beta Delta Fall 2003, who was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) in 2004 during her time as a USC student. That year, Beta Delta sisters held two drives to help in finding potential matches for Caroline and others that were in their search. Sadly, Caroline passed away in 2005, but the sisters of Delta Zeta still come together each spring to host the Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow and Blood Drive in her honor and to continue to help support the fight against cancer.

Delta Zeta co-hosts this philanthropy with the help of Be The Match, the leading nonprofit organization focused on saving lives through bone marrow donation. Adding your name to the national bone marrow registry is as simple as a swab of your cheek. With the help of Be The Match, you will have four cotton swabs of your cheeks taken and tested. A couple minutes of your time could mean a lifetime to somebody else.

Meredith_donateLast fall, the sisters of Beta Delta received a Leadership Award from the Be The Match program in recognition of our chapter’s contributions and continued support to the organization through our Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow and Blood Drive. Since the drive’s inaugural event ten years ago, we have added over 3,000 names to the registry – with the potential to save over 3,000 lives! Some of our own sisters have donated their own bone marrow to help save another person’s life!

Karlyn_donateWe all have the power to help save lives.

We hope you are all able to come out to the Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow and Blood Drive on February 17, 2015 in the Russell House Ballroom on USC’s campus to add your name to the registry and donate blood!

More information about the drive and donations can be made here.

We hope to see you there!