Dance Marathon 2015


Dance Marathon is a nationally recognized philanthropy event where students come together regardless of their organization or background and dance together to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. Here in Columbia, SC, we are lucky enough to have the Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital serving as a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital right down the road! This means that all of the money raised is able to benefit a hospital so close to home.

As a junior at the University of South Carolina, I have danced on Delta Zeta’s DM team with my sistersDM_Gamecocks for the past two years, and together, we have raised thousands of dollars for the children of Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital. This year alone, 46 Delta Zeta sisters participate and raised $9,107.20! This year I was a morale leader for the event, and as such, I danced on the One Team One Dream team with all the other morale leaders and the Dance Marathon Executive Board. This meant that I went to weekly meetings leading up to the main event and learned the line dance so that I could help teach it to the 900+ participants signed up (a new record!). It meant the world to have the support of my sisters and Delta Zeta throughout the 14-hour event, especially when it came down to the last few hours.

Dance Marathon’s slogan this year was “Half a Million, Half the Time” and by hour 12, we were cutting it really close to our $500,000 goal! In our last big fundraising push, it was highly encouraged for participants to reach out to any last contacts for even a small donation. Even though it came down to the wire, USCDM was able to surpass the $500,000 goal and raise a total of $501,528, all for the kids! Seeing all my sisters smiling and energetic throughout the event made me proud to be a Delta Zeta and proud to know they were dancing FTK.

 DZ(and DM)LAM, Holly Ingram