Recruitment 2017

A Letter From our Vice-President of Membership
About two years ago, I left my hometown for Columbia in a car packed with everything I could possibly squeeze in from my bedroom back at home. That 8 hour drive was filled with plenty of off-tune car karaoke, some pretty bad dancing, an intense game of license plate Bingo and nerves — lots of nerves.

That first month I lived on campus, stories from older classmates making their best friends in college and finding a home away from home replayed in my mind as I wondered if there really was a place for me to call home here at USC.

It wasn’t until Bid Day at the end of August when I ran to Delta Zeta that I knew I really had a shot at finding my place to call home. From the start, the only thing that these women expected from each other was to unapologetically be true to who they are — no makeup or hair product necessary and corny jokes not only accepted but encouraged.

Friday brunches where we would stay for hours and laugh so hard we cried, spontaneous beach day trips and midnight dance parties cannot even begin the list of unforgettable memories I have made with the girls in this chapter. And not a single person judged me for my horrible dance moves. Instead, these girls stood right beside me and we danced our middle-school hearts out to Mr. Brightside together. Somewhere between bonding with my little over our favorite ice cream shop from home and jumping in the TCoop fountain with sisters after making it to the Final Four, I realised that I had found what I started looking for two years ago.

Delta Zeta is home to some of the most genuine, down to earth girls I’ve ever met. These women have truly become not only my closest friends but also my family. At my Delta Zeta home, I’m not afraid to skip the contacts for my glasses or wear my hair in a bun when the South Carolina heat has taken a toll on my curls. They know my favorite foods, embarrassing stories, fears and lifelong dreams. Somehow, in that reserved, nervous girl that walked through the door for the first time two years ago, they saw me for who I truly am. In the years to come, loved me for being just that.

Coming to college can be a little intimidating, but going through recruitment opens the door to find that support system we all need. Going Greek not only allows you to find lifelong friends, but it also gives you a place to both find and be yourself. Greek organizations provide countless opportunities and memories that last a lifetime all while making this big university seem smaller. As you get ready for your semester in Columbia in the fall, consider taking a chance on Greek Life and finding a place at USC to call your home.

-Greer Schneider