Recruitment 2016

On August 3rd, our sisters came back to Columbia from a fun and adventurous summer ready to practice and prepare for formal recruitment. Our Morale Chair, Katherine Cirillo, planned several themed days to motivate our sisters and have fun while practicing our clapping and cheering. Some of the themes included “Throwback What We Know” and “America.”

At the end of the week, we hosted a Mock Recruitment Tea for local alumnae and family members. Loved ones had the opportunity to visit our house and see what it’s like to participate in an actual recruitment party. We also premiered our pillars video and philanthropy video that potential new members would be viewing in a few short days.

Formal recruitment officially began August 11th and there were a total of four rounds with each round lasting two days, except Preference Round, which was one day. Each round was themed based on a value that Delta Zeta holds true: truly giving, truly empowering, and truly Delta Zeta. Potential new members were given the opportunity to learn about events and programs Delta Zeta offers to promote giving graciously, leading on campus and off, sisterhood, and academics.

On August 21, we were excited to welcome 111 new members into the Beta Delta chapter on Bid Day at the Colonial Life Arena! After our new members ran home, they headed over to Columbia Country Club for a night of fun. A delicious dinner was catered while new members and sisters played team building games. The night ended with a pool party for everyone to enjoy!

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