President’s Academy

Over President’s Day weekend our College Chapter Director, Sara Warren, and I traveled to Dallas, Texas for Delta Zeta’s President’s Academy. Chapter Presidents and CCDs from all 166 Delta Zeta chapters came in for a weekend of learning and networking with each other. We spent the weekend in a number of different breakout sessions and training programs designed to help become more effective leaders in each of our respective chapters. Getting this opportunity to learn from different people in the world of Delta Zeta taught me so much and I was able to gain more knowledge and confidence in myself as a leader.

Mikayla and CCD Sara Warren had a great time in Texas!

In addition to spending time in each of the sessions that we attended, I also got a chance to meet Presidents from other Delta Zeta chapters around the country. It was so great to see that many of us handle the same triumphs and trials every day. Meeting other leaders was a great way to get new ideas for our chapter and many of us are staying in touch as we continue this next year as a way to support one another and work together. I left President’s Academy so inspired and I am excited to take what knowledge I have gained back to Beta Delta. – Mikayla Spurlock