Turtle Tug 2K14!


What do you get when you add pink, green and jello together?
Turtle Tug 2k14!

Through three brackets, five garbage bins full of jello, and 65 teams, the Beta Delta Chapter of Delta Zeta pulled off one awesome philanthropy event. Almost $31,000 was raised to be donated to our local and national philanthropies that promote the prevention of speech and hearing impairments. Groups and organizations from campus and across Columbia came to participate in the tug-of-war competition.

“It was a whirlwind of emotions. First, I felt nervous, then like I was flying, then I felt sticky.” –Katie Sloat

“The event reached our goals and did better then I could ever imagine. We were able to sign up 65 teams and raise over 30,000 dollars when our goal was 25,000. We worked to generate a lot of excitement amongst the chapter for the event and sisters utilized each other to reach out to all organizations on and surrounding campus so we could have a large and diverse amount of teams. I think our chemistry as co-chairs played a big role into making the event successful. Nicole and I were always on the same page and basically dedicated our lives to schoolwork and planning turtle tug. Turtle tug has been a successful event every year we do it.” –Laura Vasquez, Turtle Tug Co-chair.

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Beta Delta Celebrates 85 Years

The Beta Delta Chapter at the University of South Carolina has been around for 85 years as of September 22nd, 2013!

This is a huge milestone for the past and present sisters of Beta Delta.

Beta Delta was installed on the campus of the University of South Carolina on September 22, 1928.

The sisters of Beta Delta will be holding an event to celebrate their 85th anniversary following their Painted Turtle Trot on October 26th. You can sign up to race in our Painted Turtle Trot here!


Welcome to Delta Zeta!

Delta Zeta was proud to welcome 121 new turtles into our family on August 25!

After a long week of recruitment, our sisters were rewarded on Bid Day with their new additions and the return of their Pi Chi sisters. With much screaming and cheering, new members ran through a tunnel of Delta Zetas and were welcomed with hugs and excitement.

Delta Zeta sisters and the new members spent the rest of the beautiful day on scenic Lake Murray. Sticking with the luau theme of bid day, the Delta Zetas enjoyed a relaxing pizza party on the lake.

We had such an amazing day getting to know all of our fabulous new members. We are so excited to have them and cannot for this exciting new fall semester!

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