Big/Little Reveal 2015


Throughout the week of October 26th, our chapter held our Big/Little week comprised of three nights of Lamplighting ceremonies and ended with Initiation. Our newest members were thrilled to be showered with gifts from their then-secret big sisters each night – all leading up to the BIG reveal on Thursday night.IMG_2993

Staying with our tradition of a “Big in a Box” – new members were given a piece of wrapping paper that corresponded to a wrapped box outside the house.  Once the new members found the box with the correct wrapping paper, their big sisters popped out of to reveal themselves! After a week full of anticipation, our newest members were finally welcomed into their families within our chapter!




After an exciting week of Lamplighting ceremonies and Big/Little Reveal, the Beta Delta chapter of Delta Zeta was finally able to initiate our 111 new members into our sisterhood on Sunday, November 1st. It was a beautiful ceremony that our sisters will remember forever – congratulations to all of our new sisters!