A Little Crush Never Hurt Nobody


On Friday, February 20th, the sisters of Delta Zeta went back in time to the Roaring 20’s for our first social function of the semester – our annual Delta Zeta Crush Party. With a theme of “A Little Crush Never Hurt Nobody,” sisters and their dates came out to Jillian’s dressed in their best Gatsby attire. With pearls, boas and flapper dresses all around, the night was a great success! Thank you to our Social Chair, Maddie Keane, for planning such an exciting function!







Donor Story: Meredith Davis

I joined the National Bone Marrow registry during the Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow Drive my freshmen year. At the time, I did not put much thought into what joining the registry could mean for me. In late January of last year, I received an email that I may be a potential match. After giving a small blood sample it was determined that I was indeed a match for donation. Over the following month leading up to my donation I was coached through what my entire experience would entail. However what I failed to fully understand was how my experience with Be the Match would affect me, not only for my donation, but my entire life.

Meredith and her DZ Little Sister Hollie at Sweet Caroline 2014

My donation coach Tristanna was so helpful and encouraging throughout my entire experience. She scheduled each step of the donation process and really worked around my schedule as a student. I think a big misconception, that at least I had before donating, was that I wouldn’t have time or that I had too much going on. I could not have been more wrong. Be the Match does a phenomenal job of making each step of the process as convenient as possible for the donor. Throughout my entire experience I only missed one day of class (and that was my donation day!). Joining the registry and donating has been one of the most positive experiences that I have ever been a part of.

Be the Match has a very strict confidentiality agreement. And as a donor I was only able to know my recipient’s gender, age and illness. This coming March will mark one year since my donation. At this time, I will be eligible to release my name and contact information to my recipient. I am looking forward to potentially meeting the man and his family who has so positively affected my life.

Through my donation I was able to gain a better understanding of what Be the Match means for those on the transplant list. For me Be the Match was swabbing my cheek with a Q-tip but for someone on the registry it can mean the chance to live a longer, healthier life.



Donor Story: Catherine Chatillon

Catherine and Lee, her donor mentor

I first became involved with Be the Match after attending the Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow and Blood Drive my freshman year. After going through the simple process of having my cheeks swabbed to be added to the registry and considering the odds of being a match, I never thought it would happen.

Turns out the odds were in my favor. Within a few months, I was matched twice for two different people. The first match, I was only considered a partial match for a patient and did not end up donating. The second time, I was chosen and made arrangements to begin the process to donate my stem cells to a woman with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. I was assigned a donor mentor, Lee, who would call me about my appointments and made the whole process run smoothly.

At the one year mark after my donation, I was given the option to learn my recipient’s name,  to meet her and some of her family, to which I immediately said yes. Before meeting Linda (my donor recipient), I didn’t understand how big of an impact I was making on not only her life, but everyone else around her as well. Her two youngest sons had put their lives on hold to be her caregivers and knowing that they can now live the childhood they put on hold during their mother’s sickness was heartwarming. Linda is the sweetest, most loving woman I have ever met and her positive outlook on life is so infectious.

During the donation

A couple of weeks ago, Linda had her “2nd Birthday,” meaning that it has been two years since the infusion of my donated stem cells. I call her my “blood sister” because after my stem cells were infused, she took over my blood type, O negative. Donating my stem cells to help save Linda’s life will forever be the greatest moment in my life. I am still struggling to believe that I was even able to make such an immense difference for someone else. I will never forget her face, crying with joy, when I first walked into the room to meet her. I highly recommend anyone who wants to make a difference in the world to join Be the Match. It is a simple and short process compared to all of the agony these sick patients are going through when fighting for their lives.



Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow Drive 2015 Is Almost Here!

Did you know that every four minutes, someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer like leukemia? Join Delta Zeta on February 17, 2015 at the Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow and Blood Drive to add your name to the registry and maybe one day help save a life.

Caroline_BDThe Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow and Blood Drive is held annually in memory of sister Caroline Terry, Beta Delta Fall 2003, who was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) in 2004 during her time as a USC student. That year, Beta Delta sisters held two drives to help in finding potential matches for Caroline and others that were in their search. Sadly, Caroline passed away in 2005, but the sisters of Delta Zeta still come together each spring to host the Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow and Blood Drive in her honor and to continue to help support the fight against cancer.

Delta Zeta co-hosts this philanthropy with the help of Be The Match, the leading nonprofit organization focused on saving lives through bone marrow donation. Adding your name to the national bone marrow registry is as simple as a swab of your cheek. With the help of Be The Match, you will have four cotton swabs of your cheeks taken and tested. A couple minutes of your time could mean a lifetime to somebody else.

Meredith_donateLast fall, the sisters of Beta Delta received a Leadership Award from the Be The Match program in recognition of our chapter’s contributions and continued support to the organization through our Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow and Blood Drive. Since the drive’s inaugural event ten years ago, we have added over 3,000 names to the registry – with the potential to save over 3,000 lives! Some of our own sisters have donated their own bone marrow to help save another person’s life!

Karlyn_donateWe all have the power to help save lives.

We hope you are all able to come out to the Sweet Caroline Bone Marrow and Blood Drive on February 17, 2015 in the Russell House Ballroom on USC’s campus to add your name to the registry and donate blood!

More information about the drive and donations can be made here.

We hope to see you there!


Meet Our Executive Board!

Delta Zeta’s 2015 Executive Board

 Congratulations to our newly elected Executive Board! We can’t to see what you all do for our chapter. Meet the women below:

Chapter President: Katie Clemens

McDonough, Georgia

Katie Clemens

Vice President of Membership: Sarah Schank

Louisville, Kentucky

Sarah Schank

Vice President of New Member Education: Mary Hruska

Chandler, Arizona

Mary Hruska

Vice President of Programs: Mikayla Spurlock

West Chester, Pennsylvania

Mikayla Spurlock

Academics Chair: Cheryl McConnell

Marietta, Georgia

Cheryl McConnell

Risk Management Chair: Courtney Petersen

Chesapeake, Virginia


Treasurer: Caitlyn Spires

Walterboro, South Carolina

Caitlyn Spires

Secretary: Lane Satcher

Columbia, South Carolina

Lane Satcher

Beta Delta Executive Board 2014-2015

Farewell Football!

This past Saturday marked the conclusion of another Gamecock football season at Williams-Brice Stadium. Many sisters went to support the University of South Carolina Gamecocks, who beat the South Alabama Jaguars, 37-12.

Sisters and the Gamecocks

 Sisters and the Gamecocks

Sisters and the Gamecocks

Delta Zeta Sisters     Sisters and the Gamecocks

Delta Zeta Sisters

Keeping with tradition, the last game of the season is not only senior recognition day, but also our Military Appreciation game. Each branch of the military was honored and it reminded us all how great a privilege it is to be an American and a Gamecock at USC.

American flags on the field at Williams-Brice Stadium

Shoutout to our sister, Madi Scheidt (shown below in the blue uniform), who was on the field during the appreciation ceremony. Thank you Madi and all our military personnel for all that you do!

Sisters in Uniform

This game also marked the last time our seniors would attend in Williams-Brice as students! We will truly miss you all cheering & sand storming with us in the student section.

We Love Our Seniors

We Love Our Seniors

We Love Our Seniors


Big/Little Reveal 2014

During the week of October 27th, our chapter held Big/Little Week. After three days of Lamplighting ceremonies and receiving anonymous gifts from their (still secret) Big Sister, our 136 new members were to finally find out who their “Big Sister” was. Keeping with tradition over the past couple of years, we continued with “Big in a Box.” On the Strom Field behind the Delta Zeta house, Big Sisters and their families set up life-size, gift wrapped boxes.




Labeled with the name of a New Member, Big Sisters waited patiently in their boxes. Meanwhile, inside the house, New Members were each handed pieces of wrapping paper to match to the awaiting Big Sister’s box outside.


Big in a box     

Once all of the pieces of wrapping paper had been distributed, the soon-to-be-little-sisters ran out to find their Big. There were lots of screams, laughter, and tears of joy. It was such a fun night! We are so happy for all of the new, expanded families! Congratulations everyone!

Big Little Reveal


Big Little Reveal




Greek Goddess

Hi y’all! My  name is Maisy Paxton and for the first two weeks of May, I left the country for the first time to take on the European countries of Greece and Italy. I traveled with 19 other students from the University of South Carolina, all of whom were majoring in Exercise Science or Athletic Training. During the 14 days I was gone, I visited Athens, the Greek Islands, Delphi, Olympia, Rome, and Florence. While abroad, we studied the History of Sports Culture from the Ancient World to the present. We visited historic sites such as where the first Olympics took place. We competed in our own Olympic games on the same dirt patch where Olympians from thousands of years ago competed. We visited the University of Athens and the University of Sport in Rome. We were able to meet students of these universities and talked to them about their life and the type of lifestyle they lived in relation to health and fitness. We were given private tours of the stadiums where the Rome 1960 and Athens 2004 Olympics were held. During the tour of the Athens arena, we saw the actual pool where Michael Phelps competed in his first Olympics. 

Visiting these two countries was a complete culture shock to me, yet I loved every minute. I loved being thrown into a new and unfamiliar culture and experience what the locals experience. The food was some of the most delicious I have ever had and the people were kind. I am so fortunate that I was chosen and able to go on this trip. I formed lifelong friendships and made the most wonderful memories. A fire has been sparked inside of me and I can’t wait to ignite my passion for traveling in the future.




Delta Zeta is Taking Over!

It’s summer time and the livin’s easy! Our busy sisters have been working, studying, beaching, and some have even taken across the globe to explore new places and spaces. In the coming days we will be doing some short posts about all of the amazing things that ΔΖs have been up to this summer.

Get ready because Delta Zeta is TAKING OVER!

Bid Day 2013