Delta Zeta History

“Every personal effort you make counts twice – once for yourself and once for the sorority.”

– Alfa Lloyd

 National Delta Zeta Facts

  • Delta Zeta was the second national sorority to be formed in the twentieth century.
  • Delta Zeta’s Grand Patron, and only man ever privileged enough to wear the Delta Zeta badge, was Dr. Guy Potter Benton. He was the President of Miami University who helped the six founders prepare their ritual process.
  • Delta Zeta installed its first Canadian chapter in Windsor, Ontario in 1992 and officially became an international sorority.
  • Currently, there are 165 collegiate chapters in the United States and Canada.
  • The LAMP is Delta Zeta’s official national magazine that is published three times a year. The first edition was published December 1910.
  • Florence Henderson, the actress who played the mom on The Brady Bunch, was a Delta Zeta.
  • Although the Delta Zeta badge as changed very little since its inception, there were originally no pearls. The pearls were added a couple of years later as jeweling for the badge.
  • The women of Delta Zeta first convened nationally in 1907. Led by Grand President Alfa Lloyd, this convention was the first to be declared itself a “National Assembly.”
  • Delta Zeta was one of the first sororities to have a Lilly Pulitzer print made.
  • There are over 247,900 initiated members of Delta Zeta.

Beta Delta Chapter Facts

  • Delta Zeta was one of the first sororities at the University of South Carolina, which was a male-dominant campus at the time.
  • It used to be a popular Beta Delta tradition that big sisters liked to surprise their little sisters by taking them somewhere fun and spending the entire day together.
  • Beta Delta used to have a tradition in which sisters would all collect turtle figurines to see who could find the most unique turtle.
  • Before the Delta Zeta house was built in Greek Village, ceremonies and initiation were held at Rutledge Chapel, located on the Horseshoe.

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